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French Drain Estimate Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond –

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French Drain Installation

French Drain running from back yard to street

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French Drain Installation is a primary focus for CMG Sprinklers and DrainsAngie’s List has awarded us their Customer Service Award for the State of Oklahoma for top quality French Drain Installation.  Along with the French Drain Customer Service Award, Angie’s List has given CMG their top A+ Rating and placed us at the top of their website for Oklahoma French Drain Installation.

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CMG also installs a variety of other types of Drains.  Our Drainage Systems may utilize: French Drains, Surface Drains, Channel Drains, Trench Drains, Basin Drains, and Sump Pumps.  In the past 21 years, we have installed French Drains to keep water away from home and business foundations, Surface Drains to keep water away from sidewalks and driveways,  Trench Drains, and French Drains to keep standing water out of flowerbeds and yards, and Sump Pumps to remove water from basements and outdoor low lying areas.

French Drain with stepping stones

French Drain with stepping stones


French Drains can be installed by themselves, or as part of a Drainage System that uses other French Drains, Surface Drains, or other Drain combinations.  Typically a French Drain is used to protect a broad area that has a lot of standing water.  A French Drain might run along side a homes foundation, or beside a driveway, or on any Drainage Project where Sub-Surface water is the primary problem.  If water is running toward your home under ground ( through sandy soil), A French Drain is the only Solution  for draining away water flowing under ground.


If you live in Oklahoma City and need a French Drain installed in your yard, or along your driveway, or near your foundation, give CMG a call.  If you live in Edmond or Norman and need a Surface Drain installed in the concrete in your sidewalk or driveway, we can help.  If you live in Mustang or Yukon and would like to protect your trees or flower beds from standing water with a French Drain, CMG specializes in just that!

Cutting the curb for a French Drain Outlet

Cutting the curb for a French Drain Outlet


CMG Sprinkler and Drain installs a variety of Drains and Drainage Systems.  If you have water that is running into your home or garage, we can help.   French Drains and Surface Drains are used most commonly to solve many types of  Drainage Problems.  If you have water standing in the middle of your driveway, or if your sidewalk turns into a moat every time it rains, give us a call.DSC00180

CMG installs Surface Drains that can be set in low-lying grass areas or can be set in cement in the middle of driveways or sidewalks.  We install French Drains down the sides of houses to keep water from damaging foundations.  Gutter downspouts also can be connected to Drainage Systems that are installed by CMG.

Many times structural engineers are called out by home owners to identify the cause of the home’s foundation or flooding problems.  Typically they recommend the Installation of a French Drain or Surface Drain depending on the problem.  Many Structural Engineers in Central Oklahoma, recommend CMG to do the job.

CMG also provides and installs Lawn Irrigation Systems otherwise known as Sprinkler Systems.  We also repair sprinkler systems that have developed problems.

CMG Sprinkler System
Stop Dragging Hoses Around!

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