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French Drain, Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond, Moore

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Running Drain Pipe across Front Yard for a French Drain
Running Drain Pipe across Front Yard for a French Drain

If you live in Central Oklahoma and need a French Drain to protect your home’s foundation, Give CMG a call.  A French Drain is a great way to keep water away from cement such as a home foundation or driveway.  When water is left standing near a driveway or sidewalk, it can cause deterioration and cracking.  A French Drain is a Good way to keep water away from problem drainage areas.  We also install Surface Drains of most types and sizes depending on our customer’s needs.

CMG can schedule a free estimate for a drainage system.  A French Drain can be an important part of a Drainage System.  A Drainage System is one or several types of drains connected to an exit point, were the unwanted water is to be released.   A French Drain may be connected to a Surface Drain which in turn may be connected to a gutter down-spout, or Channel Drain.  All the different drains are connected under ground by drain pipe to a Pop-Up Emitter or a Curb fitting to release the water.

Installing French Drain and curb fitting through curb
Installing French Drain and curb fitting through curb

What goes into a Drainage System depends on the individual Drainage Problem.  Some Drainage Problems are Simple and need only one type of Drain Connected to an exit point.  Other Drainage problems require  a more complex solution.

Either way, CMG can answer your questions and provide a Drainage Solution.

CMG is also top rated on Angie’s List.  We will be running Special Discounts for Seniors, and Military starting March 2014/

CMG relies on 21 years of experience when solving Drainage Problems.   We utilize French Drains, Surface Drains, Channel Drains, and Sump Pumps when designing a Drainage System.

If you live in Norman and are in need of a French Drain, or if you live in Oklahoma City and have questions about Surface Drains, Give CMG a call.  405-226-0629

CMG provides free estimates for Drainage Systems for all of Central Oklahoma, including Oklahoma City, Moore, Norman, Edmond, Yukon, and all surrounding areas.

Popup Emitter to release water from a Drainage System in Yukon.
Popup Emitter to release water from a Drainage System in Yukon.

French Drain Oklahoma City, Norman, Mustang, Edmond, Moore

This week, CMG installed a French Drain around the outside edge of a patio in the back yard in Edmond.  The French Drain provided a protective barrier for storm water run-off.  The French Drain transitioned to solid Drain Pipe and continued across the back yard to a Pop-Up Emitter to release the water from the Drainage System.  After a heavy rain, the French Drain will quickly drain away the water on the patio.  ( Drainage Problem Solved )

French Drain covered with River Rock.
French Drain covered with River Rock.

If you live in Yukon and have water standing in your yard after a hard rain, or if you live in Oklahoma City and your driveway turns into a pond after a thunder-storm, Give CMG Sprinklers and Drains a call! We service all of Central Oklahoma including, Moore, Norman, Edmond, Yukon, Midwest City, Del City, Oklahoma City, Mustang, Tuttle, and Blanchard, and all surrounding areas.

Installing Curb Fitting for French Drain
Installing Curb Fitting for French Drain

French Drains, Surface Drains, and Channel Drains are the 3 most common types of Drains that we utilize in a Drainage System Installation.  Some Drainage Problems are very complex others are straight forward and basic.  A basic Drainage System might be a 4 Inch French Drain running to a Pop-Up emitter.  A Complex Drainage System might have a Surface Drain connected to a French Drain, Gutter Down Spouts, and a Sump Pump all releasing through a Curb Fitting.  Every drainage problem is different.  CMG can provide a Free Estimate and Drainage Diagnostic for anyone within 50 Miles of Oklahoma City.

In 21 years, CMG has installed a lot of drains in a lot of places.  Here is a little information about one of them.

We installed a Double – 6 inch French Drain in Chickasha.  This solved an interesting drainage problem.  During heavy rain, high water would rush down the driveway which was on a steep hill, make a turn and run directly into the garage.  During a very heavy rain in 2007, the garage door was ripped off and the back wall of the garage was taken out.  Our job was to intercept the water before it could get to the driveway.  Installing a double-six inch French Drain on the high side of the driveway did the trick.  Since 2007 no water has gotten into their garage.

CMG has 20 years of experience diagnosing drainage problems.  If water is in a place where you don’t want it, or is causing damage to your property or home, give CMG a call.  405-226-0629

French Drain Installed along a foundation
French Drain Installed along a foundation

Oklahoma City Sprinkler Repair, Sprinkler Installation, Sprinklers, Edmond, Moore, Norman

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair Servicing all of Central and Western Oklahoma.

Providing Sprinkler Repair, Emergency Sprinkler Repair, and French Drain Installation.

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Recently we fixed a sprinkler system that was poorly installed.

  The Sprinkler System Company that installed it didn’t know what they were doing.  There was no Master Valve installed in the Sprinkler System.  As a result, The Sprinkler Pipe between the water meter and the Sprinkler Valves stayed pressurized all the time.  This is bad during a cold snap in Oklahoma.  If a Master Valve and In-Line Pipe Drains had been installed originally, there would be no broken pipes when it got too cold.    The Sprinkler Pipes would drain automatically.


Oklahoma City French Drain, Norman, Edmond, Yukon

French Drain Installation in Oklahoma City, French Drain Installation in Norman, French Drain Installation in Edmond, CMG installs French Drains all over Central Oklahoma.

Too much of anything is never good, especially water.  Standing water can cause damage to sidewalks, driveways, and foundations.  Water can also seep into floor vents and under homes.  During a hard rain water can even run inside homes and business when Water Drainage is poor.

French Drain connected to gutter down-spout

French Drain connected to gutter down-spout

For 21 years, CMG has solved Drainage Problems for people in Central Oklahoma.  Experience is key in diagnosing Drainage Problems.  Some Drainage Problems are Simple and straight forward others are complex and difficult.  CMG utilizes a wide variety of Drains and Drain Pipes when designing a Drainage System.  A Simple Drainage System may use one type of Drain running through a Drain Pipe to an Exit Point.  A Complex Drainage System may use several types of Drains and Drain Pipes running to many exit points.  CMG Utilizes:  French Drains, Surface Drains, Channel Drains, Trench Drains and Sump Pumps.  The Drain Pipe we use may be  ADS, PVC, or Sewer and Drain Pipe.  Which Drain and Pipe used depends on the particular Drainage Problem.

Cutting the curb for outlet for a French Drain

Cutting the curb for outlet for a French Drain

A Drainage System using a 4 inch French Drain, connected to a 12 inch basin with a grate, which is also connected to the Gutter Down-Spouts and running to two separate exit points is an example of a moderately complex Drainage System.

CMG has installed Drainage Systems all across Central Oklahoma including,  Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman, Moore, Purcell, Newcastle, Tuttle, Yukon, Mid West City, Mustang, Del City, and Purcell, and all surrounding areas. We do free estimates for up to 100 miles away from Oklahoma City.

French Drain, French Drain Contractor, Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond

Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair — 405 203 9419


French Drain installation is a big focus for US during our 21st year in business. A French Drain is one part of a Drainage System.   A  French Drain can be connected to other types of Drains or Gutter Down-Spouts and then run through Drain Pipe to an Exit point where the water is released.

A Drainage Exit Point is the area where water goes to be released when it comes out of the Drainage System. The two most common exit points for a Drainage System are a Pop-Up Emitter or a Curb Fitting.
A Pop-Up Emitter is a Fitting on the end of a Drain Pipe that has a lid that pops up and releases water. When water drainage is complete, the lid shuts back.

Popup Emitter to release water from a Drainage System in Yukon.

Pop Up Emitter in Edmond


Just what is a “French Drain?”  Many times people incorrectly use the phrase, “French Drain,”  to apply to many different types of Drains that could be used in a Drainage System.  The term is widely used and many times incorrectly connected to “Surface Drains,” or “Channel Drains.”

A Surface Drain has a grate that sits on top of a basin.  The basin is underground.  A Drain Pipe is connected underground to an outlet on the Drain BasinStorm-Water Drains through the grate into the Drain Basin.  Once in the Drain Basin, water travels out of the basin through a Drain Pipe.  The Storm-Water continues downhill in an underground Drain Pipe to an exit point.


A Surface Drain may come in many different shapes or sizes.  The Drain Grate may be round or square.  Here is a picture of a common Surface Drain.

A Channel Drain is a type of Surface Drain and many times is installed in concrete across sidewalks or driveways.

A French Drain is completely different from a Surface Drain.  A basic French Drain consists of a Perforated Drain Pipe in the bottom of a trench.  The Drain Pipe should have a neoprene sock around the Perforated Drain Pipe.   This is to ensure that the Drain Pipe does not become clogged.

The dirt that was taken out to make the trench is hauled away.  It is replaced by some type of small stone or gravel depending on what is desired or available.  I prefer crushed 1 inch lime stone.  It is the most economical option in my area.  Pea Gravel or some other type of small stone can work just as well.    The lime-stone or gravel is placed in the trench on top of the perforated Drain Pipe and filled all the way to the surface (ground level).   In some cases where the French Drain needs to be deep or is being placed in sandy soil, a special trench liner must be placed in the trench before the perforated Drain Pipe or the Gravel are installed.  This helps maintain the integrity of the trench over time.  It also increases the cost of the French Drain and the amount of time to install it.  I install a trench liner in a French Drain about 20% of the time.  Most of the time a liner in not needed.

French Drain March 2011
A French Drain is designed to handle a large volume of water and cover a large area. The Drain is anyplace the trench goes. It has many applications and can be used in many situations.  It can be installed by itself or incorporated into a Drainage System with Surface Drains or Gutter Down-Spouts connected to it.
The main downfall of a French Drain is, that they, for the most part aren’t very pretty.  They don’t look very nice in a yard once they are completed.
Depending on the area the French Drain is installed and the type of grass around the French Drain, will dictate whether grass grows over the lime stone.  Grass can grow up and through the gravel in the French Drain over time eventually covering the gravel.  This is Ok.  It won’t have a measurable effect on the performance of the drain.





French Drain Contractor, Sprinkler Contractor, Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman

Back-Flow Valve


(Just a few things we have done recently)  Installed: A 12 inch Surface Drain next to a sidewalk, A Sprinkler System for an apartment complex, A Channel Drain across a driveway, A French Drain along a foundation, A Sprinkler Head Makeover installing all new Sprinkler Heads, A Sprinkler Back-Flow Valve Replacement.

Surface Drain Installation



CMG Provides:


Sprinklers —————

Sprinkler System Installation  — Rain Bird, Hunter

Sprinkler System Repair — Sprinkler HeadsSprinkler ValvesSprinkler ControllerRain/Freeze Sensor

Channel Drain Installation in Sidewalk




Drainage Systems ————–

French Drain Installation — 3 inch, 4 inch, and 6 inch French Drains

Surface Drain Installation — 12 inch, 9 inch, 6 inch, Channel Drain 


Sprinkler System Contractor Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond, Moore, Yukon,

Sprinkler System Contractor in Oklahoma City —  CMG Sprinklers and Drains started 2014 with a Sprinkler System installation in South Oklahoma City.  The home owner had well water for the Sprinkler System.  The Well-Pump was a 1 and a half horse Well-Pump.  This size Pump is very good for Sprinkler Systems.  It is not too big and not too small.  CMG can install Sprinkler Systems with Pumps as small as 3/4 horse.   We also install Sprinkler Systems connected to any standard residential water meter up to two inch.

When connecting to the Well-Pump, we installed a Back-Flow Valve and a Master Valve.  The Back-Flow valve ensures that water can only flow from the Well to the Sprinkler System.  It can’t flow from the Sprinkler System to the well.  This ensures that the Well Water will stay safe and pure.

Next, we installed a Master Valve.   A Master Valve is always a “Must” for any Sprinkler System.  A Master Valve allows a Sprinkler System to:  1.  Drain Automatically Under Ground.  2.  Makes sure there are no pressurized Sprinkler Pipes EXCEPT WHEN THE SPRINKLER SYSTEM IS RUNNING.  3.  Provides a “Fail-Safe” for the customer if something goes wrong with the Sprinkler System.  If you have water shooting up in the air or have a leak of any kind all you do is turn the Sprinkler Controller to, “OFF”, and it will stop.  If it was installed by CMG, then you call us.  A Master Valve ensures that you will not have water running down the hill while you are waiting for service.  Also, THE WATER GOING TO YOUR HOUSE WILL NOT BE AFFECTED IF THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH YOUR SPRINKLER SYSTEM.  EVERYTHING INSIDE YOUR HOME WILL WORK PERFECTLY.  ( WASHER, DISHWASHER SINK, etc.)

CMG also installs Drainage Systems, and provides expert Sprinkler Repair.  If you live in Edmond and need a French Drain, Or if you live in Norman and are having trouble with your Sprinkler System Controller, or if you live in Yukon and need a Surface Drain, Give CMG a Call.

405-226-0629                        cmgsprinklers@hotmail.com