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Drainage Systems

Drains can protect your home and property from water damage.  Oklahoma Drainage and Sprinkler Repair installs a wide variety of Drains in many different places.  A Drain or Group of Drains connected together with Drain Pipe going to an exit point is a “Drainage System.”

Drainage Systems can be made up of one drain or a combination of many drains.  Drainage  problems can be very complex.   Complex Drainage Problems may require a combination of several different types of drains all inter-connected and working together.  Other times the drainage problem may be simple and straight-forward requiring only one drain or several of the same type of drains connected together.

An example of a complex drainage system would be:  A French Drain in the back yard connected to a Surface Drain near a flower bed connected to several gutter downspouts, which are connected to a Channel Drain going across a driveway, which is connected to additional Surface Drain in the front yard, which runs to a Curb Fitting that lets all the water drain out on to the street.

A simple Drainage System might consist of a Surface Drain that is connected to a second Surface Drain which runs to a Pop-up Emitter which lets water drain over the curb and into the street.

An “Exit Point” is the term used for where all the water leaves the Drainage System.  Determining the Exit Point is very critical.  It is one of the first things we do when diagnosing a Drainage Problem.

We install two types of exit points.  The first is called a “Pop Up Emitter.”   It can be used in a variety of places such as on a hill-side or up against a curb.  It has a small basin with a green lid that pops up about an inch and gently releases water down the hill or over the curb.  The second type of Exit Point is called a “Curb-fitting“.  The Curb-Fitting is a plastic fitting that goes directly through the cement curb and releases water directly onto the street.  We have to cut the curb with a concrete saw.  Next, we connect the Curb-Fitting to the end of the Drain Pipe.  Finally we pour new concrete around the Curb-Fitting, replacing the curb that we cut away.  When complete the Curb-Fitting is securely set in concrete.

CMG has been diagnosing and solving drainage problems since 1993.  If you have water standing in your yard after a thunderstorm or if your sidewalk turns into a moat during a hard rain, give CMG a call.  We can help protect the foundation of your home or business from deterioration due to standing water or poor drainage.

For Central Oklahoma, our estimates are free.   CMG Sprinklers and Drains utilizes: French DrainsSurface DrainsChannel DrainsBasin DrainsTrench Drains, Basement Drains, and Sump Pumps.

Give us a call or send us an E-mail for a free estimate.   405-226-0629  Email cmgsprinklers@gmail.com


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  2. […] Drainage Systems can be made up of one drain or a combination of many drains.  Drainage  problems can be very complex.   Complex Drainage Problems may require a combination of several different types of drains all inter-connected and working together. Many times a French Drain, might be connected to a Surface Drain,  which then could be connected to another French Drain.   Other times the drainage problem may be simple and straight-forward requiring only one drain or several of the same type of drain connected together. […]

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